We’ve talked about top-10 lists, lists of things to avoid, lists of benefits, lists of trends, and the “must-do” format of list. In today’s post, we’re going to focus on the checklist format. This is yet another way you can harness the power of the list format to structure great content in a way that people find engaging and useful.

There’s that word again – useful. Lists are great to help you stay focused on creating useful content. The list headline provides you with a theme that keeps your content relevant and in-line. Staying on target is a great way to help create content that your audience is going to find useful.

Let’s look at a few examples of potential checklist headlines.

  • The Job Hunter’s Checklist
  • A Checklist For New Business Owners
  • The Essential Market Research Checklist

These are good starts. Remember the importance of numbers in headlines. Add them to create more interest as well as a perception of thoroughness.

  • The 10-Step Job Hunter’s Checklist
  • A 10-Step Checklist for New Entrepreneurs
  • The Essential 30 Point Market Research Checklist

Using a checklist format gives content creators a structure to follow that guides the idea flow. You’re defining the topic so your mind will be able to stay within the subject boundaries. Doing this can help you create your content faster and with less effort than trying to work outside of a structure.

So there you have it. Checklists are the final list format we’re going to cover in our content creation series. Tune in tomorrow for the next idea on how to generate content for your online marketing efforts!