. . . Social Media is NOT your website

In my new line of work at KAATSU Canada (https://kaatsu.ca), I’ve purchased some strength testing equipment. The manufacturer sent an email with the following message:

“From operating instructions to best care practices, visual demos, proper usage and storing, and so on… You can find it all on our socials!”

The last time I checked, instruction manuals etc. were generally important documents you’d want your customers to be able to access easily. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are great but they should not be used as document repositories.

What happens when you get banned from one of those platforms? Think it won’t happen to you? Fine . . . but when it does, what’s “Plan B”?

Frankly, Plan A should be to have all the important stuff on your website. Period. That’s it.

Now, let’s be honest here. Most companies use YouTube to stream their videos. Great. Nothing wrong with that. All I’m saying is that you should be sending people to your website for documentation where hopefully you’ve got it all very well organized and easy to find. Don’t send people to a social media platform and make them search for what they need.

Your website should be your main expression of your online brand identity. Social is to drive awareness of your website. When social takes the place of your website, you are completely at the mercy of the platform you’re using. When the platform makes changes you have no control over what happens. You can only respond. Ideally, your website is the foundation for your online presence from which everything else flows.

Rant over . . . for now.