We’ve been exploring how top 10 lists, lists of things to avoid, and benefits lists can help you focus when creating content. Today’s post will help you do the same by focusing on trends. You can easily create lists based on what’s trending now or what you predict being a future trend. This approach can work in any industry. Examples:

  • 10 Trends in Bakery Automation
  • 15 Future Fashion Trends for Winter 2019
  • 8 Trends Shaping the Future of Aromatherapy
  • 3 Trends Threatening the Future of Classical Martial Arts
  • 20 Trends in Concussion Research

Going back to what I said in the original post in this content creation series, I’m assuming you know your stuff. You’re the expert so I am trusting you will be able to come up with the content once you write your headline. If you’re stuck for inspiration, there’s always Google for some R&D.

Creating a great list ultimately comes down to having a good topic to discuss. Lists can be controversial and if so, are great conversation starters. Just remember: if you’re going to be controversial, this is NOT a time to rely on automation. When you start a conversation, be prepared to engage in that conversation instead of sitting silently by. What is considered controversial will depend on your industry.

Tomorrow’s post will discuss another kind of list format that catches people’s attention. I hope you’ve found this series interesting so far! Please feel free to comment below or contact us if you have any questions.