If you’ve been reading this series for the past few days, you’ll know that the list format is a very easy way to focus your content creation efforts. Lists are like candy to the brain. People can’t get enough of lists, so it’s a great format for providing value to your audience while also garnering more attention than a regular blog post.

Today we’re going to talk about the “Must Do” type of list. This is another way you can take a simple, time-tested format (the list) and put a spin on it in a way that will engage and inform your site visitors. In this version of the list, your focus is on highlighting things that are necessities for success in any given area. For example:

  • 15 Necessary SEO Steps for Top 10 Rankings
  • 10 Essential Elements of Successful Resumes
  • 11 Vital Tasks for Real Estate Investors
  • 8 Crucial Nutrients for Optimal Health

And so forth. Not only do people respond well to these list headlines, but having one will help you stay focused on your content creation efforts. Remember, content creation doesn’t have to be hard! The list is a great way to stay focused and keep the content stream flowing.

Tomorrow we explore one more type of list that will help you avoid content creation blocks. Stay tuned!