Let’s face facts. Sometimes we’re in a hurry, or we’re really short on ideas. Whatever the case may be, there’s an easy way to create some content in an pinch. Actually, you’re not creating anything: you’re just re-using and re-packaging what you’ve already done.

Welcome to the Great Content Roundup!

This is a really simple idea for creating a new post that will still be useful and of interest to your audience. Have you created good content on a topic in the past? If you have at least a few posts on a specific subject, track them down and combine them into a new post. I’m not suggesting you should re-write all the content. Instead, provide a quick headline and summary of the original content and provide a link to it.

There are several benefits to this.

  1. You introduce people to past content you’ve written. This shows you’ve been writing for a while and also shows your depth of knowledge and experience, boosting your credibility.
  2. It reminds search engines to re-crawl those pages. Search engines like new content, so creating a new post that links back to other posts you’ve written gets them re-crawled and could give them new life.
  3. Create a new post with almost no effort. Use this method to do weekly or monthly content roundup, depending on how often you post. Tip: if you’ve been wanting to send out a regular email to your customers and prospects but aren’t sure what to put in, try this content roundup strategy in your emails. 

Using this approach is an easy way to create a new post that is useful while taking a minimal amount of time. And yes, you can use the list format we’ve talked about over the past several posts to create your content roundup post. Be useful. Be efficient. Be amazing!

Thanks for reading today’s installment in our content creation series. Tune in tomorrow for another great idea!