For those of you who run any kind of event, you probably know this already, but here’s a reminder: Take advantage of your upcoming events to fill your content calendar. An event can provide at least three content pieces and if you’re creative, perhaps a dozen or more. Here are some thoughts on potential content pieces for a simple seminar.

  1. Initial event announcement – a promotional post, at least one month in advance. These days, three months is probably better, then repeat that two months out, one month out, and then weekly or until the seminar is full. 
  2. You can use different ways to announce the event so you don’t sound so repetitive. Do a post about the venue you’re hosting the event at. It could be a hotel, co-working space, restaurant (with a private room), or even your own home office. Talk about the venue, the people helping organize the event or other interesting stories while you’re promoting your event. If there are people you know well who are attending, do a quick story about them and get them to talk about why they’re attending and get them to share with their friends and colleagues.
  3. There will probably be at least one or two opportunities to post some content during the event. A quick snapshot of the presenter (you?), the people there, applause after the presentation. Whatever works. If you can’t take a photo or post yourself, arrange to have a person responsible for that.
  4. A post after the event should be part of your content calendar. Thank those who attended. Post a short video of the event. Communicate the value of the event to people who didn’t attend so your next event will be easier to sell out.

Creating content based around events you organize should be part of your event marketing strategy. Focus your content on the benefits of the event and the posts will practically write themselves. As noted, you should be able to create multiple posts before, during, and after the event, creating excitement and demand for the next event you run.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful! Please let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip which is inspired by one of my customers who did the WRONG thing 🙂