For more content creation inspiration, you don’t have to look any further than your own personal day planner. What are you doing? Where are you headed? Where will you be? Who will you meet? If you’re going to any sort of networking event, you can turn that into something useful for you and for your audience.

Events You’re Attending

Something as simple as a networking event can be turned into an opportunity for you to fill your content queue. If you know you’ll be attending an event, put the word out. Create a blog post up to a week before that tells about the event, gives the details on how to attend, cost etc., and then share a few thoughts on why you’ll be there and why you think it will be beneficial. Invite people to come see you at the event.

On the day of the event, you can schedule a reminder post, tweet etc. to remind people you’ll be there. Fire off a post or two and perhaps a photo while you’re there. Show people what’s going on!

After the event, take a few minutes to talk about it, what you learned, who you met, and talk it up. Tag people in event photos you took to get some more exposure.

This one event can turn into three or more pieces of content to share. As a plus, as people notice you making these posts, you’ll become known and recognized faster at future events, making them potentially more productive for you. After all, while I’m a proponent of online marketing, a ton of business gets done after meeting face to face.

If you want to make networking more effective, then consider using these events as a content creation opportunity!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this idea! Please share your comments or questions in the box below. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s content creation idea!