An interview with a customer has the potential to be a great addition to your content marketing mix. I know the tech setup in the above image looks daunting to some folks, but trust me – doing interviews can be a lot easier than this from a technical perspective. At a basic level, all you really need is your smartphone’s built-in recorder and the rest can be handled with ease.

Three Great Reasons to Use Interviews

  1. You’re going to be interviewing a happy customer. There’s a great potential for them to say things you can use as testimonials. We talked about the power of your customer’s words to do your marketing for you in yesterday’s post so you know that these can be worth a bundle!
  2. Your focus is going to be mainly on the customer and their experience with you. Great PR for them, and they’ll probably want to share it on their own website and social media feeds – double the exposure for both of you!
  3. You can use content atomization to showcase the interview on multiple platforms. Work smarter, not harder! If you start with a video interview, post it as a video to your YouTube channel and Facebook feed. Take the audio track and use it on a podcast. Use a transcription service like and voila – you have a written version of the interview you can post on your blog as well. (Bonus: you’ll probably get some testimonials you can use!) Take a short video clip or a single frame clip from the video and post it on Instagram. Take a few memorable quotes from the interview as tweets and post them to Twitter over the course of a week.

Interviews are a great way to create multiple pieces of content from one single event. Find the right customer, prepare properly, and you’ll be rewarded with superb content you can use across multiple online marketing channels. Plus you’ll get double the exposure by working with your customer to cross-promote each piece of content. It’s a great win-win for content marketers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Tune in tomorrow for another great content creation idea!