What we say about ourselves is often suspect. What others say about us is usually given more credibility. This means testimonials from happy customers are some of the best pieces of content you can share with the world. Two challenges. 1) You can’t write them yourself. 2) They’re not always easy to get. What to do?

One of the first things to keep in mind is you need to do your best to create a quality experience for your customers. Without that, you’ll never get testimonials. Not rocket science, but if you’re not striving to give your customers the best *insert your product / service* they can get, then don’t expect testimonials.

Assuming you’re doing your best at the above, then think about how you can build customer feedback into your sales and after-sales-customer-care systems. This is easier for business-to-business product and service providers than it is for more casual relationships such as in retail, but it’s worth doing anyway. Ask how you’re doing at various stages of the sales and implementation system, and ensure that after the sale you’re doing your best to follow up and find out how you did.

Relatively few organizations do any follow up. I have bought all manner of products and services on both a business and personal level and the number of requests for follow up are minimal. I’ve gotten almost no requests from small retailers I deal with which is a shame, because they’re often the ones who need all the help they can get when it comes to their marketing.

Customer testimonials say so much about your business that you can’t say yourself. Their power is well understood, so do your best to gather as many as possible to showcase your business in your customers’ words. It’s not rocket science, so get to it!

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