Do you have something in your business you can do a bit of show and tell with? A video demo could be just the thing for your next piece of content! It’s not that hard with today’s technology to do a video demonstration of products or services you offer.

You can use a video demonstration to help people understand what they’ll experience when they visit your service business, or what a particular product can do for you. With a little bit of thought, you’ll come up with dozens of things you can provide demonstrations on that will highlight your knowledge but won’t give away your secrets.

15 Diverse Topics for Video Demonstrations

  1. What to expect from your reflexology appointment
  2. How to interpret a demand letter from CRA
  3. How to do Warrior Pose with ease
  4. Three different WYSIWYG website builders explained
  5. How proper wheel alignment saves you money and time
  6. House foundation repair done properly
  7. An introduction to your fuse box
  8. How to save your computer by ridding it of dust bunnies
  9. When and how to use crystals for healing
  10. A primer on shelving systems
  11. Jazz vocal styles from the ’20s to the present
  12. Secrets of Greek food preparation
  13. What to look for when choosing a retirement home
  14. Soap scum removal secrets
  15. Restoration of a ’57 Chevy from start to finish

The great thing about a video demonstration is it can show people how something’s done and in doing so, make them realize that they need to call YOU to do it for them. Remembering we talked about content atomization in a previous article should make you realize you can also break down a video into a podcast (if the content doesn’t rely too heavily on visuals), you can have it transcribed for your blog and then take portions of the transcript to use as tweets or other social media posts linking back to your original content on your website.

Thanks for reading today’s post! Please let us know what you think by leaving some comments below. Tune in tomorrow for another great content creation idea!