There are plenty of businesses that lend themselves to a virtual tour. What a great way to showcase your business to prospective customers. Whether you run a large or small business, a video virtual tour can be a great way to build credibility.

What does it take to create a virtual tour of your business? It can be as simple as creating a video slideshow where you piece together still images (pictures) with captions, or perhaps with some background music or a voice-over track. Or, you can do the whole thing as live video. This is great for people who have a process that’s fun to watch (like the chocolate shop image above).

Another great thing about virtual tours is that people tend to interact with them longer than other types of content. One thing Google (and other search engines measure) is how long people stay on a page before leaving. Keeping people on your site longer can have positive effects on your overall search engine ranking.

Of course, you can use virtual tours across multiple platforms. From your website to your social media channels, increased engagement time is good for you. Investment in a virtual tour of your business can pay off in many ways!

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