This idea takes more planning to implement but it’s worth it. Case studies are a more in-depth look at a particular subject (i.e. the case). In a business context, this could be an examination of how a particular problem was analyzed, a solution developed and implemented, and how the implementation worked.

While it’s not easy to plan and prepare, a case study for business is perhaps one of the most powerful content pieces you can use to showcase your business procedures and performance. A lot of work needs to go into preparing one, perhaps including setting up video and audio interviews, graphic design and a lot of writing. Still, the efforts can be worth it when it comes to helping you establish credibility in your field.

If you’re interested in doing a case study in your business, I suggest having a look at what other companies are doing when they provide online case studies. You’ll find quite a variety of examples ranging from a few paragraphs to full-blown research studies. See what might work for your market and plan accordingly.

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