Cats and SEO go hand in hand, right?

I don’t know, but here’s a photo of some British Blue kittens for your amusement, and a compilation of our most recent SEO articles for your enlightenment 🙂

SEO Still Vital in 2019 – Find out why SEO spending was $72 Billion in 2018.

Page Titles: Not What You Think – Learn how to make the <title> tag work for you.

Meta Descriptions – Find out how they can impact your clickthrough rates from the SERPs.

How Headings Help SEO – Discover how the hierarchy of headings helps SEO efforts.

Images and ALT Text – How adding these to your images helps your on-page SEO.

Does Everyone Need SEO? – Why SEO might not be the most important marketing investment.

Word Count – If it’s not a ranking factor, why is it important?

Your URL – How choosing the right uniform resource locator benefits SEO.

SEO Myths That Won’t Die – If you hear a SEO professional repeat these, run away. Fast.

SEO Software – What software options can benefit your SEO efforts.

The Need For Speed – How having a fast page load speed can help you win at SEO.

Backlinks – They’re important and nobody knows how to get them. Here’s how.

Responsive Websites – How having a mobile-friendly device gives you an SEO edge.

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