Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has usually been declared “dead” every year. Why then did spending on SEO go from $65 BILLION in 2016 to $72 BILLION in 2018? If an online marketing technique is truly “dead”, nobody would be investing in it.

SEO’s Not Dead, Just Evolving

The truth is that SEO is very much alive and well. It is not dying, but it is evolving and the evolution is not making things easier for businesses to get top rankings. In fact, the evolution of SEO can make it difficult for small businesses to attain top rankings.

SEO is Harder but Still Valuable

Just because something is harder doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Marketing studies show that 51% of website traffic originates from organic search engine results. Those same studies also reveal that close to 40% of revenue comes from organic traffic.

Some Website Designers Ignore SEO Basics

As important as search engine optimization is, I can find many examples of websites that haven’t implemented the basics of on-page SEO. When you hire a company to build your site you trust that they’ll cover the basics. It’s no secret to me that a lot of companies don’t, and I can see it simply by looking at the websites they build.

Start Your SEO Education

Today marks the start of a series of posts on SEO that will discuss the many things you can do on each and every page of your website to make sure that basic search engine optimization elements are covered. If you have a website already, you’ll be able to check and see whether you’ve covered the basics. If you’re looking at getting a website developed, you’ll be able to talk to your website developer with confidence about SEO basics.

SEO is not dead, but most people treat it like it is. That’s good for those who take the initiative to develop and implement a SEO strategy for their site. Stay tuned and be informed 🙂