If you’re not using email marketing to promote your business, you’re missing out. Sure, you might be doing wonderful things on your social media channels, but for outright Return On Investment (ROI), email marketing is an incredible performer. If you’re wondering how good email marketing can be, let’s look at a few stats.

102.6 Trillion Emails Are Sent Yearly

That number is expected to grow to over 120 trillion by the year 2020. Granted, a LOT of that is spam – but statistics show that spam is only around 55% of all email. That still means 51 trillion legitimate emails are being sent every year, and the number’s only growing.

Over 90% of People 15 Years of Age or Older Have Email

Not everyone has a social media account, but almost everyone has email. Think about it: everyone who has a Facebook account needed an email address to open their account. Everyone with an Android phone has a Gmail account because it’s needed to activate the features on their phone. The reality is the center of many people’s digital lives is email.

Email Gets Delivered While Social Media Gets Filtered

In case you’d missed the news, Facebook curates what people see based on their interests. This means your awesome post will be seen by a fraction of your followers and won’t appear at all to people who don’t follow you. Well, not unless you advertise.

Compare that with email which gets reliably delivered to your subscribers. They will see they received a message from you and all they need to do is open it to read it. At the very least you’ll be on your audience’s radar.

4400% Return on Investment (ROI)

What other online marketing tool do you use that generates $44 for every $1 spent? Google Adwords? Facebook advertising? Properly executed email marketing campaigns can produce significant returns on investment. Experienced email marketers know they can generate revenue simply by sending out an email with a well-crafted message and offer. If they can, you can too, but you can’t if you’re not even trying.

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Over the next several days I’ll be discussing steps you can take to create effective email marketing campaigns. Stay tuned!