I know I talked about this in an earlier post about content marketing, but relevance is key to all marketing campaigns, no matter what the format or media. How do you know what is going to be relevant? That’s a great question with a complicated answer.

What your audience finds relevant depends on what their interests are. If you’re providing useful information that your audience isn’t interested in then it’s not relevant. So how do you know you’re providing relevant information? You need to know what your audience’s needs are.

If this sounds difficult, it’s actually not as hard as you might think. If you’re an expert on your field, you know what the general needs of your audience are. You can also do some market research to uncover needs you might not have thought of. Just do a search for the topic you were thinking of talking about and see how many other websites talk about it. Check some of them out and see if there are discussions about that topic. If there are a lot of results and a lot of discussion, you know it’s a topic that people are interested in.

Sometimes your audience might not know what they need. In that case it’s your duty as a responsible expert to educate them. When you take this approach it’s important to demonstrate why your message is relevant to your audience. In an email, your subject line has to convince your audience they might have a problem. If the recipient doesn’t feel the need to open your message, then the rest of your well-crafted message won’t be read.

Here are some sample email subject lines.

  • Did you know your website is insecure?
  • Here are 3 ways your yoga mat is making you sick.
  • Newly Announced: A non-toxic way to make your home smell great.

These subject lines touch potential pain points with your audience and encourage them to open your email. By identifying problems your audience may not be aware of, you are creating relevance and increasing your open rates.

Relevance is the key to successful email marketing campaigns. If your message isn’t relevant, your marketing won’t be successful. By knowing your audience’s needs, you’ll be able to craft better email subject lines that bring you better open rates, and that will result in more inquiries and sales. Relevance is the most important thing that will boost your email campaign’s ROI.

I hope you’ve found this post relevant and useful! Please let us know your thoughts in the comment form below. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where we talk about another important element in successful email marketing campaigns!