I don’t want to write about today’s topic because I feel like a parent reminding their child how to behave well in public. This topic is one I think should be obvious to most people, like not driving slowly in the passing lane. Unfortunately, I see people driving slow in the left lane all the time, and I see “professionals” using free email services like Gmail or Hotmail. I wish their parents had taught them better.

To all of you who business people using an email address from Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail as your primary email contact, please stop. You don’t need to do it and it you’re losing the benefits having an domain-based email address can bring.

1: You Look Professional

If bet your company’s website has its own domain. Why? Because only amateurs and underfunded businesses have websites like wix.com/mysmallbusiness. You invested in a domain to contribute to your business’ appearance online.

Having an email address on your domain does the same thing. Get a domain-based email address ASAP. You’ll look more professional within minutes and in business, impressions matter.

2: You Promote Your Brand

When every email you send comes from your domain, you are promoting your brand. When you send from a free email service, you’re promoting them instead. Someone who receives an email from your domain even knows how to get to your website – because the URL is right in your email. You can’t say the same thing when using a free email service. If you’re serious about building a brand, you’ll want to use an email address on your own domain.

3:  You Look More Authentic

Would you trust a lawyer whose email address is personal.injury.law@gmail.com? How about an accountant with an address of pay-less-tax-1987@yahoo.com? Probably not. You’d think they were spammers.

If that lawyer’s email were jerry@bigcitylawfirm.com you wouldn’t immediately doubt their credibility or authenticity. You want recipients of your email to think you are credible and authentic. Staying away from free email addresses will help.

The Platform vs. The Address

Aside from being free, there are no really good reasons for people in business to use an address from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or any of the other free email services. What I do agree with is that these services are convenient. Android phones have Gmail built into them, for example, so Gmail is always available on your phone.

You can use Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo to check other email accounts. So, if you want to keep using these PLATFORMS because they’re convenient, then use them to check your domain-based email accounts. You can send and receive messages from me@mybusiness.com¬†while using the Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo platforms. Use the service these companies provide. Just skip using their free email accounts for business purposes.

I hope you found today’s post interesting and informative. Please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading!