We’re all short on time, so sometimes it’s handy to put together something quickly. Today’s content creation idea helps you use other people’s information as a quick post idea. Leverage information that’s already out there for your benefit. Here’s how.

Create a post that shares interesting information you’ve found online. It’s best if you don’t show information from your competition, but if you’ve found another company’s information useful, chances are your audience will too. Provide the link and a brief description of what you found and why you think it’s valuable.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be anything particularly related to your industry per se. You could talk about the three most recent books you’ve read, why you think they’re important and then provide a link to Amazon (and perhaps make a commission!). Or, link to four great recipes you found that your customers might be able to use your amazing organic flours in. Whatever the content, if you’ve found it interesting and you think your customers might as well, just link to it and write a brief description.

This process can be made a little easier if you plan. Make bookmarks of sites you like (CTRL+D in your browser) so you’ll be able to find those sites again when you need them, either for yourself or for quick content. With a little preparation you can easily have enough links for multiple posts a year.

I hope you’ve been enjoying our content creation series. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. Stay tuned for another great content creation idea tomorrow!