While out and about this morning I was waiting to turn left. There was a steady stream of drivers in cars headed to Brock so I knew I’d have to wait for the amber light before there would be an opening. Sure enough, the light turned amber, but it been red for at least two seconds when the last driver in a long string of cars passed through the intersection.

Most drivers don’t intentionally run red lights. That last driver wasn’t texting or otherwise distracted. Their eyes were fixed on the car in front of them and all they were doing was following them with nary a thought about the external driving environment. Red lights and all.

I find this an apt metaphor for the majority of small business owners and entrepreneurs when it comes to their online marketing. Sometimes it feels like automation. Posts happen without any thought about what’s going on in their business or in the outside world. Or, more often than not, there are no posts at all.

You might think I’m a really grump, telling people they should be more involved and engaged with their online marketing. I am, but I’m also talking to myself. When I look in the online marketing mirror, I recognize I’m not perfect. I never have been, but there’s no better day to start doing better than today, and that’s true for everyone.

Happy September 3rd. Watch out for the kiddies young and older crossing the roads today for the first day of school. Adjust your driving to the new conditions and have a safe and productive day 🙂