It’s easy to be helpful online. All you have to do is click on something. Really. That’s it.

Every time you click your mouse, you’re making a contribution. Your mouse click will be registered somewhere as a data point. What you clicked on can really make a difference.

Want to support your friend’s new small business? Click your mouse to like them on Facebook. Click on their website in the search engine result pages. Want to go a little further? Comment on their latest post or tweet. Clicking doesn’t take much work. What takes work is caring enough to click.

Your clicks are small gestures. When combined with other people’s clicks, they aggregate into something bigger. A picture that Facebook, Google, and other online services use to determine what is most popular, relevant, and useful. When those services determine something is popular, relevant, and useful, they get more traffic and attention than their less popular, less relevant, and less useful peers.

Do you care enough to lift a finger?

Beyond what you can do for your local businesses, here are other things you can do by clicking.

Your clicks can make a difference. Each click means you paid attention to something, which means you care – at least a little bit – about what you’re doing. It’s why we say “sharing is caring”.

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Thank you, as always, for reading 🙂