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It is my personal belief that email marketing is a must for any serious marketer.

Despite the introduction of the Canadian Anti Spam Law (CASL) and other similar laws enacted elsewhere, the truth is permission-based email marketing is highly beneficial in many ways.

From an inbound marketing perspective, email is your primary communication tool for nurturing the leads you’ve generated. If you’re not using email in this fashion, you’re losing out on the benefits of your content generation and marketing efforts. You’ve invested a lot into creating a heap of great content for your website and thereby attracted people to your website. If you’ve gotten permission to email someone (from your web forms and landing pages), you now have the ability to continue marketing to them. If you don’t, they’ll probably forget about you fairly quickly.

Here are some of the things you can do with a good CRM system and an integrated email marketing system.

Personalized Mass Mailings

Pretty much every web-based email system (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, Business Catalyst etc.) allows you to send out personalized mass messages. When you’re sending out a newsletter, it’s much nicer to receive something that has your name on it instead of something impersonal like “Dear Customer”.

Automated Email Campaigns

Email automation allows you to set up a series of messages sent in a scheduled sequence. It’s virtually impossible to manage this without software. Here’s how email automation can benefit you:

Nurture your leads by sending valuable information at regularly scheduled intervals

  • Delight customers by providing useful information about their purchase and keep them informed about upcoming specials
  • Enhance client retention with automated birthday, anniversary or other special occasion emails
  • Deliver entire courses and drive more traffic to your website through automated follow-up emails

Email automation systems make it possible for you to tailor your email marketing system to the needs of your prospects and clients, enhancing your demonstrated value to your prospects and keeping your customers engaged with your business.

When you combine your email marketing efforts with a CRM and analytics, you get a very good picture of how you can best meet the needs of your clients and what information you can provide to help your prospects choose to work with you in future.

If you’d like to learn more about how email marketing can be used to benefit your business, just click on the big green button below.

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