WordPress websites are now the norm. As with most content management systems (CMS), there are lots of moving parts, and these are constantly being updated. Failure to update a WordPress website can lead to your site being hacked, which is a generally unpleasant experience for everyone, and could be costly for you.


When you use WordPress, you’re using an open source piece of software. The core WordPress installation is updated fairly regularly to fix security and functionality issues. In addition, your site probably uses a theme, which is an add-on to the core WordPress installation. Themes add functionality, and they are also updated regularly to keep up with WordPress changes. Then there are plugins, which are small bits of software that add more functions that WordPress and your theme don’t include themselves. These plugins are also updated on a regular basis.


I’ve been told by website managers that they’re afraid to update WordPress because they’re afraid things might break. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes, updates do cause problems. However, that’s relatively rare, and you can get around breakage by making sure you back up your website files and database first. If we built your website, there’s a backup plugin installed that runs daily database and weekly full backups, and you can always call us if something goes awry on an update.


What happens when your site gets hacked? Stress. Panic. Fear. Unnecessary spending. Avoid it all by keeping your WordPress website updated, backed up, and secured.

With all the technology at your fingertips, there’s no excuse not to keep your WordPress website’s components up to date. Actually, there’s only one: lack of knowledge. It’s not hard to learn, and if you need some help, we’ll be happy to teach you. I strongly encourage you to get educated, and if you need some help, just click the big green button and we’ll take care of you, so you can take care of yourself going forward 🙂

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