I really have to hand it to these folks. They’re persistent. They’ve changed their name but not their game, and I’ll bet it’s still working for them.

What’s still working? This solicitation to transfer one’s domain registration to a new registrar. It’s not deceptive, it’s not illegal, but I bet a lot of people transfer here without knowing what they’re really doing.

I first wrote about this in November 2017 after receiving yet another solicitation from this company. This notice was forwarded on to me from a customer who was wondering whether it was “legit”. The answer is yes, it’s a legitimate solicitation.

Domain renewals are one of those funny things that people sometimes forget about until it’s too late. There’s nothing worse than getting a call from a customer whose site is down because they ignored the renewal notices from their domain registrar. There are so many scam emails floating around that sometimes people think legitimate messages are scams. That’s a sad reality of today’s internet.

That’s one of the reasons this type of solicitation works, I think. It plays on the fears of a business owner whose domain may represent their entire livelihood. Losing a domain sucks, so getting it renewed is a priority. Many business owners probably don’t read the fine print on this notice so wind up paying more for their domain renewal.

In short, know who your domain registrar is, or know which company manages your domain renewals on your behalf. If you get a notice from one of those two companies about your domain, pay attention to it. Notices from other companies can be safely ignored.

If you need any help with your domain registration needs, we’re happy to help. And no, we won’t spam you asking you to switch to us 🙂 Just contact us and we’d be happy to be of service.