Sometimes it’s hard to find something to write about. At other times, writing just flows like a wild river. What makes the difference? For me, the difference can often be chalked up to being excited about a topic.

There are many ways to think about the word “excited”. One could be angry, frustrated, passionate, zealous, eager, or in any other mode of “excitement”. What I encourage people to do though is to make note of topics that cause a change in their energy levels. If a topic causes your energy to spike, it’s probably something you’ll have an easy time writing about.

A challenge to this approach is that humans tend to get excited over the negative more easily than the positive. If the majority of your blogging and social media posting is negative, eventually people will tire of your messaging. They’ll just burn out from all the negativity. I’ve noticed that I’ve stopped responding to a lot of emails from what one might term “activist” groups because the subjects of the messages are all “crisis” headlines. However much I might agree with the stated aims of the group, I’ve reached a state in my life where I’m in “crisis burnout”. It means I don’t read the messages and eventually, I might just unsubscribe.

Rick Mercer got famous for his 1-minute rants on This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Thing is, we got to watch them once a week. If the entire show was a rant, would we have watched it? Rick’s a funny guy and very passionate about the topics he ranted about, but if you try to binge watch all of his rants, I’m wondering if you’d be able to get through. You can have too much of a good thing.

So be passionate, but also consider the overall tone of your messaging and the frequency. As with all marketing, you have to test to see what works with your audience. Maybe a weekly dose of you ranting online will be just the thing your customers want to see. Time to test and see!

Wishing you the best successes in your online marketing 🙂