Most Ontario businesses that are part of a BIA (Business Improvement Area) are eligible for up to $2500 in grant money through the Digital Main Street Grant program. This program is offered through the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association (OBIAA). Eligible businesses can receive up to $2500 towards improving their digital marketing and other digital business processes.

There’s a bit of a process to go through to apply for this money, but it’s not terribly onerous. The Web For has been chosen by the Thorold BIA to help shepherd businesses through the grant application process. Tonight is the first group meeting to share information about the grant with interested businesses. Those who can’t attend tonight will be able to watch a video presentation on the topic available tomorrow.

If you’re in a BIA and you haven’t heard about this program yet, there is still time to apply. Applications must be in by December 31, 2019. You’ll need to set aside some time to go through the grant process which includes watching approximately 8 hours of videos and taking some simple quizzes. I estimate it will take around 12~15 hours to go through the grant application process.

I think this is worth the investment. Think about $2500 and how much time you’d need to work to generate that much profit. If you’re part of a BIA and you’re interested in applying for this grant, please contact me and I can guide you to more information on it.