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We help companies generate leads online.

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Don't you know it's all about the leads.

Facebook's News Feed Change

November 14, 2016

What's the primary purpose of a website? If your answer isn't "lead generation", I urge you to re-think your answer. Nothing's more important.

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Lights Out Today.

Lights Out Today

November 14, 2016

Being without electricity's an interesting place to be. We're taking a trip there today. In case you're wondering why we're MIA...

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Stormy Seas

No Finish Line

Nov. 9, 2016

Marketing is not a race. It's a continuous process. When it ends, so does your revenue growth, new customer acquisition and more.

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As the most participatory form of mass speech yet developed, the Internet deserves the highest protection from government intrusion.
Stewart Dalzell

About us

We've been helping companies get their act together online since 1997.

Be Useful

Online? Be Useful!

It sounds simple: be useful. These two words summarize our approach. To be successful online, it is first necessary to be useful. If you want to stand out, be useful. If you want to get likes, shares and follows, be useful.

Our role is to help you tell your story. If you can't think of what to say, we'll help you with that. If you don't know how to present it, we'll help you with that. And if you need help getting people to pay attention to your story, we'll help you with that.

Inbound Marketing Rules

By focusing on creating great content (which we define as useful), we help you earn the attention of qualified prospects. Over time your helpfulness will pay off with more leads, sales and referrals.

Does this sound like work?

Getting people to trust you online takes work. If you want to earn credibility, you need to share your knowledge. By sharing, you demonstrate your expertise and convince people you're worth calling.

If you're looking for an effective website, you have to be useful while telling your story.
Telling your story and being useful is how you get leads.