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Want to Reap? Sowing Comes First

Mark Kawabe - Monday, July 25, 2016

I didn't need to write this post. This is stuff people should just know. It's almost an insult to the reader to write it.

And yet, here I am, writing it.


I'm writing it for the same reason the dentist tells you to floss every time you visit. Everybody knows flossing contributes to good dental health. That doesn't mean everyone does it.

There are lots of reasons people don't update their blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter streams. I know. I've done it too.

Maybe you don't feel you need to pay any attention to your online profile. Perhaps your business is running smoothly, as profitable as you want it to be, without any need for online marketing. It's wonderful to have a business like that. Congratulations. I bow before you. 

If you're reading this post, I suspect you need more results from your online efforts. So, this is your reminder to keep on making those efforts. Plant more seeds.

Create more value the only way it can be done: one post, page, photo, video, tweet or comment at a time. If you want people's attention and trust, you have to earn it. Assuming you're creating value, your work will pay off.

Are you going to get new business right away from your efforts? Maybe. Never say never is my motto. However, for most businesses, keeping your website updated, blog fresh, social media populated is an investment in your brand. It's a way for your to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and by doing so, a way to get more exposure, create more awareness and increase the potential of getting new clients in future.

Whether the business comes right away or in future, one truth remains: you gotta plant.

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