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Two Things You Need for Online Success

Mark Kawabe - Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Based on my own experience and in observing others, I am convinced that while there is much WANT out there, few have the drive to achieve those wants.

If I took a poll, I am certain I wouldn't find people saying they want their website to perform poorly, for their social media presence to be lackluster, for the majority of their time, resources and efforts spent online to be wasted. Despite that, it happens anyway. I believe this can be easily avoided with little effort.

Two things you need to succeed online.

1) A clear definition of what you want your online presence to accomplish.

2) A way to measure your progress.

If you don't have either of these things, I believe your chances to be successful online will be slim.

During the time most people spend looking at pictures of cute kittens online, you can formulate a plan and figure out how to measure your progress. It really takes that little effort. Define and measure. Repeat.

Losing weight is much the same (although I call it "gaining lightness" because I hate losing things...). Define what you want to accomplish and measure whether you're getting there or not. It's not a secret formula, no "ancient Chinese secret" involved.

I hope you've enjoyed the photo of the kitten. Now get to work creating your online success :)

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