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Now is the time to start video marketing

Mark Kawabe - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Video marketing is huge.

Let me say that again.

Video marketing is HUGE!

The statistics on this are pretty clear. Some of the statistics are shocking, but they demonstrate the online appeal of videos and make a clear case that all businesses should be using video marketing as a part of their online marketing mix.

  1. YouTube is the world's #2 search engine
  2. 1/3 of all online activity is watching videos
  3. 100 million internet users watch an online video every day
  4. 50% of users watch business related videos on YouTube at least once a week

What does this mean for you? Lots. Here's how videos affect visitor behaviour to your website:

  1. Watching a video can increase a visitor's understanding of your product or service by 74%
  2. A visitor to a retail website is 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video
  3. A real estate listing with a video gets 403% more inquiries compared to listings without
  4. Videos in email increase click-through rates 2~3 times compared to regular messages
  5. 20% of your site visitors will read all the content you provide: 80% will watch a video
  6. Websites are 50x more likely to show up on the first page of search engine results page if it includes a video

The barriers to entry for video marketing are much easier to hurdle than they used to be. Depending on a video's production value, it can be very inexpensive to create a video for marketing purposes. Best of all, they can be put on YouTube, your own website, Facebook and most other social media marketing platforms to get you more exposure.

Do your customers and your business a favour: incorporate video marketing into your online marketing mix.

An easy way to harness the power of video

Mark Kawabe - Thursday, January 09, 2014

The most subscribed YouTube channel belongs to a Swedish fellow who goes by the handle PewDiePie whose video game commentaries have garnered his channel a whopping 19,960,159 subscribers.

Yes, you read that correctly. Close to 20 million people subscribe to this fellow's channel. Why? Because he's in a popular niche and he provides content that appeals to his subscribers.

Is there a way you can use video to reach people who would be interested in your niche? Probably, but most businesses don't use video at all. I think this is a mistake.

Videos are much easier to produce than ever before. YouTube provides a free and powerful platform for video distribution. The challenge for many remains the production of a video.

This is where the challenges become daunting for some people. The idea of sitting in front of a camera and delivering one's message is not universally regarded as a pleasant experience. Even if you're camera shy, there are ways to get your message out on video.

The method I'd like to talk about today uses screen recording software and a microphone to create a video you can upload to YouTube and embed on your website or blog. For simple tutorial videos I use a piece of software called Screencast-O-Matic. It captures what is showing on your screen as well as what you're saying. If you're not saying anything, you can add an audio overlay afterward. The video on this page was created using this method.

This is a relatively easy way to get a video onto YouTube. It's not high production value by any stretch of the imagination, but it's been viewed 1880 times as of today. Using video to get your name and personality out there and sharing your expertise in your niche can be done simply and inexpensively. All that's required is a good idea, some creativity and the willingness to share your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Gettin' Out There - with Video!

Mark Kawabe - Monday, November 18, 2013

When I was starting out in business, I thought about getting a promotional video made. I quickly realized I'd never be able to afford it. At a cost of two thousand dollars for a two minute video, there was no way I could justify it. That was back in 1997, eight years before YouTube changed the game forever.

YouTube changed the video industry in two very important ways.

1) It democratized the distribution of videos. Anyone can upload a video and have it seen by millions. It's free to do this. Imagine what you would have had to do before to get your videos seen by millions before YouTube came along. People used to distribute business card sized CDs with videos. Remember those?

2) It lowered the quality threshold. If content was compelling enough, people will watch a video. The top 30 all-time watched videos on YouTube are mostly professionally-produced music videos from popular artists with huge fan bases. #5 is called "Charlie bit my finger - again!" and has been viewed 599,148,435 times (as of November 15, 2013). Don't ask me what's compelling about this . . .

Video engages people in a way that text can't. With a video of you, people see you, hear you and can see your body language. It's much more powerful than words on a screen. You don't have to be a movie star to make good videos. Just be you. With a little preparation, you can make an video that engages, entertains and builds rapport with your audience.

Also, notice I've added a video to this blog post. It says pretty much everything I wrote here, but it's in video. What will be remembered more? What are your thoughts on this? I'm curious, so please share your comments!