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Always Asking Questions

Mark Kawabe - Monday, January 04, 2016

Asking questions about your website's a good ideaI'm a curious kind of person. Things that interest me don't always interest other people, but that's okay. To each their own.

For you business-minded folks with websites, there are a few things you should be curious about. They're called "statistics".


Yes, I know. Looking over your website visit stats isn't always exciting, but it's something you should be doing regularly.

Wait - you ARE looking at them, aren't you?

If you are (or aren't), here are a few things to consider.

  1. Number of visits: obvious.
  2. Bounce rate: how many people come to a page of your website from somewhere else (like a search engine or a link from another site) and then leave after only looking at that one page.
  3. Conversion rate: how many people contact you or buy something as a result of interacting with your website. To properly track this, you need to be asking questions of everyone you do business with for the first time. Something simple, like "where did you hear about us" or "why did you choose to deal with us".

These are some of the many important statistics you should be aware of when thinking about your website. If you're not looking at your stats, you could be missing a huge opportunity.

If you need some help with looking at your statistics or getting started with tracking, please give me a call. I hope you're as curious about your website's stats as I am!

Do you measure?

Mark Kawabe - Thursday, February 16, 2012

And how?

Do you rely on statistics from your ISP to know how your website is performing?

In my opinion, most of the stats I've seen from ISPs are useless.

It doesn't take much to install Google Analytics. It's free.* It measures most of the things you need to know about your site's performance.

Do you have it installed? If not, you can have it installed today. In most cases it should take around 15 minutes by an experienced website developer. Budget 30 minutes if you call someone unfamiliar with your website to do the job.


*Free: depends on your perspective. There is no financial cost to use Google Analytics. However, you do give Google information about your website's performance. Whether that matters to you or not is up to you.