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Check What You've Got...

Mark Kawabe - Tuesday, September 20, 2011 make sure you still have it.

I had a client contact me recently to let me know the contact form on his website wasn't working.

The problem turned out to be his web host had updated their servers with new software and the script that powered his form wasn't compatible with the upgrade.

It was quick to resolve once we figured out the problem. Still, it served to remind me that things change with hosts from time to time and that it's worth checking out key website features to make sure they're working properly.

This would be especially true for sales forms!

Now Available - Wordpress Blogs

Mark Kawabe - Tuesday, September 07, 2010

We are now offering Wordpress blogs as part of our standard hosting package. In other words, they're available at no extra charge - unless you want some customization of them in which case the usual hourly rate applies.

Of course, just because we offer a blog doesn't mean you NEED to start blogging - but in case you wanted to - and have a business case for doing so, we can now make this happen within your website.

Blogging can benefit your site in several ways.

  • A Better Experience for Visitors - they're visiting because they're interested in the services your company provides. The more you can tell them about yourself, the better.
  • More Content For Search Engines - search engines need content to determine how to index your site. Blogging about a variety of topics increases the chances your site will be found. It's just one more strategy to employ. Remember - nothing on its own is the key to better placement.
  • You Look Better - having a blog that's moderately up to date is a comfort to visitors. If your last blog post is May 2009, well, visitors will think you haven't been up to much since then. Are you really still in business? Posting regularly (once a week or once a month is fine - just be regular) will showcase your knowledge, personality and expertise.

Just a few thoughts for you to ponder.

Have a great day!