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New Website Launch for Joan Worthington, RSW

Mark Kawabe - Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Having been through counseling, I can attest to how valuable it can be. That's why when Joan Worthington, RSW, a gifted counsellor with decades of experience contacted us to update her website, we were happy to jump in.

Joan's original website was on an older hosted Content Management System (CMS). We developed her new website on the WordPress platform so she could retain her ability to update the website as needed on her own. WordPress is a very common platform for website development. Millions of websites have been developed using WordPress. An no, we're not exaggerating.

Another reason we chose to go with WordPress is because of the availability of responsive templates. With the upcoming change to Google's algorithm to focus more on mobile, having a responsive website is becoming a competitive advantage. Not all WordPress templates are responsive, so watch for that if you're thinking WordPress is the answer to your responsive website prayers.

With the new website, Joan took the opportunity to expand the content she has provided about the areas she counsels people in. There are many people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, or dealing with loss or grief, relationship and parenting issues. Of course, there are many other areas that Joan can provide counselling in, so it's good that the WordPress system can accommodate future expansions of content.

When it comes to managing her own updates, we created a custom video tutorial to help Joan work with some of the more advanced features available to her in WordPress. This is something we do for many of our WordPress clients. We have also created tutorial videos for other features like how to use our webmail system.

Joan provides counselling services in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines. If you know people who could use counselling, please refer them to Joan's website at


Enlightenment for Everyone

Mark Kawabe - Friday, November 08, 2013

EnlightenmentIt's Friday. The week has had its challenges. People are looking forward to the weekend. That's the rhythm of many people's lives. Work hard during the week and take the weekend to recharge.

Recharging is great. My question to you (and to me) is this: What am I recharging for?

I have been building websites and marketing online since 1997. Much of my time has been spent educating others (and myself) about the ever-changing online landscape and how a business or organization can use it to their benefit. I've had lots of successes and challenges during that time, but one thing I have come to realize lately is this: I am more than the sum of my accomplishments.

During chats with clients this week, I encountered surprise from several who recognized that I do more than just design websites. It wasn't just that I also help with social media marketing or PPC campaigns or anything like that. They were surprised that I also teach martial arts. They were surprised that I am dipping my toes in the pond of public speaking on topics that have nothing to do with the internet. They seemed surprised that I am a multi-faceted individual.

They were surprised, but I wasn't. Moreover, despite my multi-facetedness, my talents are all related. There is a common thread that ties them together. I believe that thread to be enlightenment.

I'm not suggesting for a moment that I have all the answers to everything. I know I don't. I just have a perspective that there is much more within all of us than what we allow ourselves to be. To put it into a visual perspective, there is a light within all of us that is obscured to a greater or lesser extent depending on our own experiences and perspectives on our selves. This manifests in many ways in all areas of our life, including our work.

There have been times in my life where the challenges of running my own business seemed enormous and overwhelming. Looking back, most of that was not because they were truly so, but because my perspectives on my self were such that I didn't see that I had the ability and strength to overcome them. Through changing my perspectives, I have rediscovered the joy in my work as it is a reflection on the joy I feel about my self. It's not just the joy in my work that has returned, but the joys in my life are more apparent to me now than they were in the past.

These new perspectives have helped me recognize my own light, my own abilities and strengths. I have new perspectives on my work and also on how I can help my clients achieve their own goals and allow their own lights to shine forth. Having perspectives based on Truth, love and compassion have changed how I see my self and how I see others around me and this has given me new insights into how I can help my clients, students and others delayer and unlock their own potentials.

So yes, I am a website designer and internet marketer. One of thousands like me. Yet, there are none the same as me. We are all here with our own unique abilities, to experience our own challenges and to evolve and grow. I am here to be of service to those who need my abilities in website design, online communication and all that other stuff I do for work, but I also know that no matter how awesome I am at my job, that I am much more than the sum of my accomplishments and that the same is true for each and every one of you who has invested energy in reading this blog post.

Everyone deserves enlightenment. In this blog I help shed light on the online world and share positive perspectives on how to let your light shine online. I hope you've enjoyed the read and I hope you'll keep enjoying my perspectives on how to move forward online.

Have a joyous weekend.

What's New for YOU in 2012?

Mark Kawabe - Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Welcome to 2012. I'm glad you've made it this far. What's going to be new for you in 2012?

Here are my predictions about the changes most small business owners will make in 2012 to their online marketing efforts.


If you don't see anything listed above, well, I hope you get my point.

It is my prediction that MOST small business owners will continue to market themselves online more or less the same as they've been doing.

I think there are many reasons for this, and they're remarkably similar to the reasons most other new years resolutions fail.

  • It's too much work.
  • I don't have time.
  • It won't make a big difference.
  • I don't know how I can do things better.
  • I don't have time to learn how to do things better.
  • I don't want to learn something new.

And so forth.

Most want results without the investment required to achieve them. That's nothing new.

What I'm hoping is new this year is for more people to choose to prove my predictions wrong.

I wish you peace, health, happiness and prosperity in 2012.

With my Best Regards,

Mark Kawabe

What's the Center of YOUR Online World?

Mark Kawabe - Thursday, December 15, 2011

I've gotten requests from people to join every conceivable social media platform. One person I know is probably involved in at least a dozen of them. When you're a person, that's fine, but if you're in business, is this the best approach?

The one thing many businesses have neglected in their rush to join social media sites is the one thing they have full control over: their own websites.

Think about this for a moment. Your business has its own brand, its own message, its own story. When you focus almost exclusively on Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform, are you driving people back to your website?

Take the time to look at your website with fresh eyes. How many people are visiting? How many leads is it generating? How is it converting? 

Being involved in social media's a good thing, but it should be a part of your overall online strategy. Prospective clients are going to look beyond social media to learn about your business, and that means their next stop is your website.

Make sure your website's still doing its job. If your primary social media outlet shut down tomorrow, would you have created enough meaningful relationships through it that you would still be thriving? Perhaps this could be a resolution for the new year: make your website the center of your online world.

If It's True for Graphic Design, It's True for Online Marketing Too!

Mark Kawabe - Thursday, March 03, 2011

In her article "6 Questions to Ask Before You Spend a Dime on Graphic Design", author Pamela Wilson highlights the main questions one should ask a graphic designer before starting a campaign.

She could have just as easily substituted "Building a Website" for "Graphic Design". The questions are the same.

Here are the questions:

  1. Do you know who you're trying to reach?
  2. Do you know where to find your market?
  3. Do you have a decent tagline?
  4. Do you have a compelling offer?
  5. Have you positioned the offer in terms of benefits along with features?
  6. Do you have a system in place that will lead toward sales?

Here's the link to the original article.

I consider this a must-read for anyone doing business online.

Happy Thursday!

What Level Playing Field?

Mark Kawabe - Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Remember those heady days when people used to announce that "the internet has leveled the playing field"? Well, it's still kind of true. The abundant existence of online tools to help entrepreneurs and smaller companies get their message out to their target audience means that there are no longer significant technology or cost barriers preventing small companies from getting bigger.

That being said, the playing field is still not a level one for several reasons.

  1. The DIY Mindset- small companies start small and most of them stay small if they make it past the first five years of life. I believe the mindset of the owners prevent them from growing their companies in a meaningful way. Many take on too many tasks that prevent them from developing their core strengths. Bookkeeping, graphic design, printing and website development are a few categories that come to mind. It reminds me of the saying "Just because you can doesn't mean you should".

  2. Budget - closely tied to point #1, small companies are loathe to spend money unless it's guaranteed to produce results. The flipside of this is that they then do things themselves, not realizing the damage they do to their brand and in the long-run, to their companies.

  3. Knowledge - There are a lot of tools available at little to no cost that companies can use to market themselves online. Many companies either don't know they exist or don't know how to use them effectively. A little bit of knowledge can go a long, long way. An example of this is with online metrics. There are many ways one can measure how effective one is being online but most companies don't even know how many people are visiting their website.

  4. Willingness to Change - Many companies do the same thing, year in and year out, getting largely the same results as they've always gotten. As long as you're happy with that, then life's wonderful. If you want to grow, you have to be open to doing things differently.

There's a lot of new-age speak about how your intention determines your outcome. I think this is a good place to start. You should intend great things for your business. What I suggest is to clearly define your intended outcome and then think about the ways you're going to achieve it. Identify internal and external roadblocks and work on eliminating or neutralizing them. Take the time to learn how to EFFECTIVELY use the tools that are available to you and start working on your plan. That will be much better than intending great things and fumbling around without a plan on how you'll achieve them.