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Mould Matters to This Fun Guy

Mark Kawabe - Monday, June 25, 2012

For those of you out there who've been yearning to learn more about mould...there's a new site for you : )

Ontario Mould Remediation is our newest launch.

Which is correct? Mold or Mould? Well, we're Canadian, eh? So we're keeping the "U" in Mould.

Owner/Operator Flo Therrien is Niagara's Mould Man. With extensive experience in the renovation world, Flo became alarmed at the number of cases of mould he came across in his travels. Never being one to shirk from work, he decided to learn more about the mould remediation process and as a result, undertook getting trained by the best in Canada.

If you have a mould issue or have questions about mould, simply contact Flo through the website. Soon to come: Faceook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Yes. Tweets about mould. Who'd have thought?

Just remember: Ontario Mould Remediation is run by Flo Therrien - a Fun Guy. Get it? Oh, the puns...