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Getting you found more easily

Mark Kawabe - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In the "good old days", how did companies get found?

Lots of advertising dynasties were built on the need for companies to get noticed. Direct mail, phone directories, TV, billboard and radio stations were the recipients of billions of dollars of advertising revenue for decades. Now that it's dropping off due to the internet, what does that mean for smaller companies?

It means there are opportunities right at your fingertips. All the time. Every day. All you need to do is . . . think . . . and type . . . and express . . . and edit . . . and write . . . and then . . . sometimes you'll still get nothing.

Just because the tools are available doesn't mean you're going to have overnight success online. Most of the time, your efforts will be barely noticed - unless you do something to get them noticed. This means that not only do you have to make an effort, but you have to let people know you're making the effort.

The most insightful / entertaining / enthralling book ever written may well never have been read if its author didn't market it. It could be sitting in a drawer or chest somewhere, but it will never see the light of day. If you're intent is to get people to pay attention to the great content you're writing, you have to a) continually produce great content and b) let people know about it - or even more beneficially - make it easy for THEM to let other people know about it.

See the icons below? That's what they're there for. To make it easier for you to share, tweet, link etc. to your friends and colleagues online. "Word of Mouse" is an incredible tool to spread the word about the great things you're doing online.

If you use the tools available to you to also promote what you're doing, you'll have a better chance of success than if you don't. They're at your fingertips. All the time. Every day.

Use them and you'll be on top of the haystack where everyone can see you instead of buried under the haystack wondering if your efforts will ever be noticed.