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Halloween's over, but the world is still scary

Mark Kawabe - Monday, November 04, 2013

We take much in our lives for granted. Technology especially so. Everything just works most of the time.

When it doesn't, wow.

I just read a tale of how hackers were relatively easily able to destroy a guy's digital life, using pretty common information that you've probably given away to hundreds of people in your life.

The tale is here.

If you think this won't happen to you - not that it can't, but that it won't, I urge you to reconsider your perspective.

Of course, what others can do to us pales in comparison to what we can do to ourselves through lack of foresight and diligence.

It is my hope you have at least one backup of your important data files. If you have something local AND online, so much the better for you if things go awry. Your primary hard drive failing is bad enough. Having your home or office burn down and torch your local backups is even worse if you don't have a remote backup to turn to.

Now that I've totally cheered you up this beautiful Monday morning, I'll ask you to watch for my next post where I announce the winner of last week's draw.

Happy Monday!