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The Importance of Regularity

Mark Kawabe - Friday, February 24, 2012

No, I'm not talking about bodily functions. Well, maybe not directly : )

Regularity online helps improve the health of your online presence. Makes it more effective. Makes it stand out. You become special by being regular when those around you are not.

Seth Godin's blog had its 4000th post back in November 2011. Seth posts every day. Now THAT'S regular. His blog has been rated the #1 blog in the world written by a single individual.

How's that for building credibility?

The better part of it - his ideas often go viral. That's probably because he has great ideas. Do you have great ideas to share? Then get them out there! That's what blogs are for!

Regular doesn't have to mean daily. It can be once a week or once a month. Whatever your schedule, define it and stick to it. I'm working on a schedule of posting on weekdays.

The nice thing about blog software is you can queue up posts and have them released on a regular basis. You could theoretically have a year or two's worth of posts ready to roll.

Whatever you do, be regular.

Have a happy Friday!

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