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Community Pages in Facebook - Indestructable but Avoidable

Mark Kawabe - Monday, June 06, 2011

So if you've tried to update your personal Facebook profile with your employer, chances are the business you work for doesn't have a Facebook profile (also known as a business page). This is often true if you have your own business and are just getting started on Facebook.

Lucky for you - Facebook will automatically create a page for your business!

Now's about the time I wish there was a "sarcasm" font - because Facebook's auto-generated pages are generally useless for business owners.

You get none of the many benefits of having a business page. (See my previous post.)

More importantly, people may be fooled into thinking that this auto-generated [email protected] is your actually Facebook business page when really, you have bigger aspirations.

What can you do?

A couple of suggestions.

  1. If you're reading this article and you don't have a personal profile on Facebook yet, don't add your employer until you've created a proper business profile for your company.

  2. If you're already saddled with an auto-generated page for your business, quickly create a proper business profile and then change your employer information to link to the right page.

  3. If you're stuck with an auto-generated page that people actually like, then set up a proper page and then message the people who like the wrong page and give them the address of the page they SHOULD like. They'll probably switch.

There. That ought to be enough work for a Monday : )

Why I'm Not Friends With Your Business

Mark Kawabe - Friday, June 03, 2011

I've probably said this before, but since I keep seeing people making this mistake, I'll say it again.

Your business should not have a personal profile on Facebook. It should have a business profile - more commonly referred to as a "page".

How can you tell?

If you get a request to be a "friend" of a business, then that business has a personal profile.

If you get a request to "like" a business, then the business has a page.

Why should you care?

Here are the benefits of business page vs. a personal profile:

  1. Pages can be accessed by anyone online. You have to be logged into Facebook to see a personal profile.
  2. Pages are indexed by search engines. Personal profiles may not be depending on privacy settings.
  3. Pages allow administrators to invite people to "like" them in bulk.
  4. Pages have discussion boards.
  5. Pages can be promoted through Facebook ads.
  6. Pages can have multiple administrators.
  7. Pages can use Facebook Applications.
  8. Pages can have customized with HTML landing pages that better showcase the brand.
  9. Pages have metrics to help you measure how effective your marketing campaign is.

And just in case that wasn't enough...

  1. Using a personal profile for a business violates Facebook's Terms of Service (TOS). Why would you want the potential risk of having all your hard work building relationships thrown out?
  2. You can't integrate your Facebook personal profile with your website. Want a like button? Get a page.

It's so easy to create a page and there are so many advantages to doing so that it's hard to understand why business owners don't think to do it.

I guess it comes down to the old DK or DE again - Deficiency of Knowledge or Deficiency of Execution.

So, now that you know, there's no excuse for YOUR business. Wishing you success online!

Facebook Bug #2 - Who Do You Work For?

Mark Kawabe - Friday, January 28, 2011

If you're trying to link to update your Facebook profile and link to your employer, you may find you can't find your company's Facebook page in the list. This seems to be a problem for smaller companies. Here's a link to a hack that fixes the problem.

It's a bit complicated - and I hope you like FireFox : )