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Use Email to BOOST Your Networking Results

Mark Kawabe - Thursday, November 21, 2013

Business cards from a networking function on deskI attended a networking event last evening. Because I'm an online kind of guy, I sent out a personalized follow-up email today. While it's too early to know how things turned out from last night and from my email, there are a few things I think are pertinent to mention.

  1. If you are going to send a follow-up email after an event, it should be sent the next business day.

  2. You can make your life easier by planning ahead and composing your email in advance. That way all you have to is create a list of recipients to be ready to send it out.

  3. It doesn't take much to make your email look special. Why? Because it will likely be the only one people receive following up on the event.

Marketing is not difficult. Being mindful of the things that are most beneficial is the challenge. I can honestly say I did not put much effort into sending out my follow-up email. I typed around 25 people's names and email addresses into my email marketing software, sent a test to make sure things looked good and then hit send. It probably took around 30 minutes all-told.

I'm certainly not complaining that I haven't received a follow-up email or phone call from anyone I met at the meeting last night. It reduces the clutter for my message to get through more easily. That being said, I think a follow-up email is a beneficial thing to send out to the people you've met. It gives you a reason to connect again and is another step taken in relationship-building.

Relationships don't get built on their own. It takes work. An email is just one step on the journey toward creating a relationship with a potential client, a source of referrals, or even a friend. It can make your networking more productive. 'nuff said :)

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