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Everything You Do Matters

Mark Kawabe - Friday, January 03, 2014

Welcome to 2014! It is my sincere hope that everyone will see improvements in their lives this year. Sometimes it's hard to see how life can get any better, especially when one experiences significant challenges, but I believe it can be done.

Arrows representing a cycleI believe everything matters. What you believe (or don't), what you do (or don't) has an effect. Those effects can be beneficial or non-beneficial to your self or to others. You may choose to start a moderate workout routine and benefit your health. You might choose to make an extra sales call each day and benefit your wealth. You could choose to examine how non-beneficial beliefs about your self came to be and work on releasing them and in turn, benefit your entire life.

Taking responsibility for everything in your life isn't how society trains us. It's easy to say that 'such-and-such happened to me and that's why things are the way they are', but there is truth in saying your responses to 'such-and-such' were the reasons things turned out the way they did. Different choices produce different results.

If change truly is the only constant and that everything evolves, your choices will shape your evolution and your outcomes. Being mindful of and responsible for those choices is where you have the greatest opportunity to effect positive outcomes in your personal and business life. Here's hoping for your best year ever!

Turning the Online Monster into your Servant

Mark Kawabe - Thursday, July 25, 2013

Websites. 1000 social media websites. Blogs. YouTube. SEO. There are thousands of ways to market online. What's a business to do? Here are some tips on how to turn the online monster you've created (or are thinking of creating) into your servant.


When managing your online presence seems overwhelming, it's probably because you didn't plan. If you don't know where you're going, you'll have no idea if you're getting there or not. Fortunately, you can change this whenever you want.


This is where many people start - they start doing before planning. If this sounds like you, take a deep breath, back away from your monitor and take some time to plan your activities. Make a schedule. Define your goals. Then work on making them happen.

Social media sites make it easy to implement. Slap up a post or a picture or comment and voila! You're done! But how do you know it's what's most beneficial?

Websites or other corporate social media tools that are not current demonstrate a failure to implement. Most businesses can improve in this area. My business included.


Do you know how many people read your last Facebook post? Did anyone like them? Do you know who they were? How did that Facebook post compare to the previous one - and the one before it?

How about your site traffic? Is it up or down from last month? How about your search engine rankings?

Not measuring the results of online activities means you're shooting at targets without knowing you've hit them. This is why many business owners say marketing online doesn't work for them. They or their staff don't measure the results they get.

Analyze, Study & Plan Again

So you've planned, implemented and measured. Can things be improved? Of course they can. Take what you've done and build on it to make it better.

If you don't know HOW to make it better, you're in luck. There are at least a few million pages of online advice (including this one) on how to improve every aspect of your online presence.

If you've read my earlier blog posts, you'll know this stuff isn't rocket science. It's "common sense" - but we all know how prevalent that is these days. I came across a website just before writing this post that proudly exclaimed their latest news on the homepage - except it was from 2011. When the primary purpose of a website is to create confidence about doing business with you, how does something like that benefit your business?

Most "problems" with websites and online marketing are solved by following the steps above. If you don't have time or patience to follow the prescription, then feel free to call "Dr. Mark" at 905-227-6667. I'd be happy to help you manage your online marketing needs so you don't have to.

You Have Choices

Mark Kawabe - Monday, February 27, 2012

What did you choose to do online today?

What was the purpose of your actions?

How will you measure their success?

The work day is almost done. You have 1.5 hours left.

It only takes a few minutes to inform, inspire, or lead by example.

I'm hoping you spent a few minutes today to be special.

It's Monday. How you live it is your choice.

Choose well : )