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What's You're Opinion . . .

Mark Kawabe - Wednesday, February 22, 2012

. . . about people who misuse common words like "your" and "you're", or "their", "there" and "they're"?

What message does it convey?

Here are a few thoughts from around the web.

  • Poor spellers look stupid, foolish, incompetent or careless.
  • Bad spelling damages credibility.
  • Typographical errors make you look lazy or undisciplined.
  • You won't be taken as seriously if you can't spell properly.
  • A BBC news article outlined how some e-commerce sites had sales reduced by 50% because of typos.
  • Google's Matt Cutts recently said "...if you look at the PageRank of a page . . . the ability to spell correlates relatively well with that. So, the reputable sites tend to spell better and the sites that are lower PageRank, or very low PageRank, tend not to spell as well."
  • Misspelled words and bad grammar are common indicators a message is spam.

Don't think for a moment that built-in spell checkers will save you. The following made it past the spelling and grammar check in Word 2007.

"Good buy my deer hairy. I to will look to the see in hopes of your too ships appearing awn the horizon. But for the grace of dog, wood I go they’re."

Just some thoughts on spelling for this beautiful Tuesday.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the title of this post . . . yes, the misspelled word is there on purpose : )