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Holy - Changes to .ca Domains

Mark Kawabe - Thursday, January 20, 2011

If you never gave a second thought to which domain registrar you'd like to use, think VERY carefully. It could save you a heap of money.

Today I was contacted by two clients whose .ca domains had gone into the redemption period, both because the administrative email addresses for the domains were no longer functional (note - check up on this because it's really important).

Both domains were recovered from the redemption period. One for $275 plus the cost of a yearly domain renewal and one for $0 plus the cost of a yearly domain renewal.

Yep. Different registrar, different cost for redemption fees.

CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) does not charge anything extra to get a domain out of the redemption phase. REGISTRARS can choose to do so.

Also, in an interesting twist, if a .ca domain expires, IT DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY GO OFFLINE. How's that for confusing? Your domain could be expired but depending on your registrar's policies, your domain could stay active until it goes into redemption. That could cost you $275.

I also discovered you can transfer your domain to a new registrar if your domain is in the redemption period, so in theory, if your registrar was going to charge you $275 to get your domain out of the redemption phase, you could switch to one that has no additional fees for that service. Unfortunately I didn't discover that until I spoke to a representative at CIRA.

So, note to selves: check up on the renewal dates of your domains - especially .ca domains.