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Stick to Extremes, or Blend Both?

Mark Kawabe - Saturday, January 02, 2016

Some brave and wonderful family members recently purchased a lodge and marina in Haliburton. They're in the process of revamping their website and we got talking about content for the site. I'm a fan of keeping content fairly focused, but in their case, I think there were some potentials for traffic creation by adding some breadth.

If you own a lodge in Haliburton, you're pretty much guaranteed to use the words "lodge" and "Haliburton" somewhere in your content. You're not likely to use the word "Muskoka". That's fine, as long as you only want to tap into a defined target audience of people looking for a lodge in the Haliburton region.

However, consider the following possibility. Lots of people know about Muskoka. Perhaps fewer know about the Haliburton region, or they may THINK they know about Haliburton, but their knowledge may be incorrect. Someone looking for a lodge in Muskoka might be doing so because of Muskoka's stronger brand, which means they MIGHT be interested in going to a lodge in Haliburton - if only they knew about it.

Coffee or tea - why not both?So, what's a lodge owner to do?

Easy. Broaden the content on the website to talk about the Muskoka region. If you create some quality content that talks about the Muskoka region, there's a chance your site will be found in searches involving lodges in Muskoka.

What kind of content might work? Here are some suggestions for articles that could be appropriate.

  • Value comparisons of Muskoka and Haliburton
  • Geography of Muskoka and Haliburton
  • Relative popularity as destinations
  • Fishing quality in both regions
  • Relative travel times to each destination

It's easy to think of these articles being critical of one region or the other. The truth is you don't have to be critical. Be objective and positive. Someone who's always gone to Muskoka would probably not appreciate an article that talks about their choices with a negative bias. However, if you talk about the advantages and benefits of each location, readers will be more receptive to the information and will be more open to learning more about other options.

In addition, posting articles like this in one's social media streams is likely to generate likes, comments, shares and discussion, all of which is beneficial for the relative strength and popularity of your social media profile. Social media is a content amplifier. Put everything on your own website and then use social media to help get the word out. 

Coffee and tea drinkers consume different beverages, but they are similar in many ways. They like warm, fragrant beverages that come in a variety of styles and tastes. Coffee and tea may seem separate, but they're on the same continuum. Whether you're a purveyor of coffee or tea, writing content that can appeal to both audiences gives you a wider reach potential and more opportunities to start conversations and influence perspectives.

Nobody knows everything, and most of the time, we don't know what we don't know. Taking an educational approach to your content writing can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to marketing your business online. When you're wondering what to write about, think creatively and consider writing something about "the other".

The possibilities are truly endless :)

P.S. If you're looking for a Haliburton Lodge where you'll experience great amenities and personable service from some great people, click the bold text :)

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