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Silence is NOT Golden

Mark Kawabe - Friday, September 19, 2014

Here's what silence sounds like online.































If your goal is to market yourself online, you're not going to get far being silent

What does silence "look" like online?

No recent website updates. When nothing's changed in over a year on your website (including your blog), what message does that send your clients and prospects?

No recent social media updates. Nothing new in a month or more on social media? Even a month is a long time in this era.

The online marketing world started with static websites, bulletin boards and email. With technology's advances, we added blogs and CMS systems that gave companies and individuals more opportunities to provide information to their customers on a regular basis. The development of social media has given companies hundreds of platforms on which to share their knowledge.

This is the blessing and curse of the online marketing world. Silence is measured by activity. A lack of activity says you have nothing to say or are inattentive. It may not be true. Many entrepreneurs and small organizations are quite busy running their businesses and taking care of their customers in the real world.

Even this real world activity can have some bearing on your online presence. Consider the various review sites that people can share their great experiences with your company. Those sites make up part of your organization's online presence.

I'm not suggesting that if your organization doesn't exist online that it will cease to exist. Thousands of businesses have virtually no online presence and yet, they're still in business. I am however suggesting your business will be enhanced by having a robust, well thought out and executed online strategy.

That means talking about what you do, sharing your knowledge and demonstrating your authority in your field of expertise. You can choose to be silent online, but I believe even a whisper is better than nothing in today's connected world.

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