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Lights Out Today

Mark Kawabe - Monday, November 14, 2016

Lights Out TodayToday, the lights are going out at The Web For Thankfully, the sun is still shining. Even better is having a battery backup for my modem.

We are very fortunate to be going through some renovations. One of them is an upgrade of the electrical panel. This morning, some skilled, talented and surprisingly personable electricians from Datawise Solutions showed up and shut off the power to my office. Hydro will be here soon to shut off the power to the building to facilitate the panel change. I'm told the power will be off for much of the day.

This of course means two things. One: our phone lines will be down. We have internet-based telephony so without power, we're unreachable at the main office number. Two: I might be forced to hang out at The Grounds, or at On The Front. Worst case scenario: Starbucks :)

Just wanted to let you know in case you're wondering why I'm MIA.

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