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Facebook's Reach Extends - to Your Wallet

Mark Kawabe - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Facebook wants to reach your walletThe organic reach for the average business page on Facebook has been dropping steadily for the past six months. It wasn't really high to begin with, but it's now down from double to single digits.

Think about that for a moment. On average, 6% of people who like your Facebook page are seeing your posts.  This is projected to drop even further in the coming months.

Why is this?

One theory making the rounds is that because Facebook has a duty to perform financially, it is restricting the reach of business pages ON PURPOSE so that business owners will need to buy advertising to get noticed.

Whether or not this is true is largely irrelevant. What is required by marketers is to create content that your audience will want to engage with. For many, this is a challenge.

What to do?

There are a few things that come to mind.

1. Pay for what you used to get for free

If you want to reach the folks who like your page, pay for it by boosting your posts. $5 US is the minimum cost of entry. If you think it's worth it, give it a go. Measure your results. Try it again with different content and see if it's still worth it.

2. Stop using Facebook as your primary social media platform

If you don't want to "pay to play" and your level of user engagement is low, you might want to consider using Google+ or LinkedIn (depending on your audience). Keep in mind you're still at the mercy of those platforms.

3. Get better at being engaging on Facebook

Seth Godin said it years ago in his book "Purple Cow". You have to be remarkable to be noticed. If you want to be engaging and noticed on Facebook, start being remarkable.

4. Change how you use Facebook

Another Seth Godin concept is "flipping the funnel". Social media amplifies signals about your business. Get your clients, customers and staff to help you distribute your message on Facebook instead of relying soley on your business page to do the heavy lifting.

The days of tons of free exposure on Facebook are over. I've been around long enough to remember when the Yahoo directory used to list your business for free and within days a website would be going gangbusters as a result of being listed. Things change and they'll continue to do so. How you respond to those changes will determine your success.

Let's get to work!

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