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Are You an Original?

Mark Kawabe - Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Be the tall pencil and stand out from the crowd!Any company that takes its website and social media marketing seriously is involved in content marketing.

"Content" means articles, images (photos or infographics) or videos on a topic of interest to one's target audience. There's only one problem with content marketing: it takes work. As a result, many entrepreneurs and organizations simply take the approach of "content aggregator", re-posting information that was produced by another person or company.

In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with posting a link or sharing content from others as long as credit is provided. I don't think content aggregation should be your ONLY source of content for your website or social media. Positioning yourself as an expert requires you to showcase your knowledge which means you need to create your own content.

I recognize this is more challenging. It's much easier to find something of interest and re-post it. Researching and writing articles, creating infographics and even finding relevant imagery that is properly licensed takes time. Even if you have writing posts down to an art and you can churn one out quickly, it will still take more time than finding something interesting to re-post. Being a content aggregator is easier and allows you to post much more frequently than you otherwise could.

This approach is misguided, in my opinion, because the point of content marketing is not to post for the sake of posting. Your goal should be to provide quality, original content that your audience will find valuable. Doing so demonstrates your expertise and helps you stand out from the crowd. When you re-post the same content as dozens of others, you're not demonstrating your expertise or showing leadership in your field.

If you want to be perceived as a leader, you need to lead. Showcasing your expertise with valuable content in the majority of your content marketing is a must. Leaders create content of value that is worthy of being re-posted. Don't expect your followers to continue following if you're not leading the way. 

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